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Shell Construction

Jupiter Farms

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Shell Construction

Jupiter Farms

Project Type: Shell Construction.

Location: Jupiter Farms

Project Status: In Progress.

Located in the Xanadu area, This beautiful house is designed with a classic and modern style, each room talks around the large spaces, the fine details, the loft is an open area that guide us directly to the kitchen wich have a shaker style with island and textured wood that pops out.

With 5 rooms, one for guest, each of them of them located in the space to give privacy and a large entrace of light, a pouring room,a pool to enjoy every second of sun, and his location near to the beach convert this house into the most pleasants places to live in Miami.

We help You To create every Space

An open space concept, and the entrance of light casting over the wood finishes prevails to bring life and contrast, the textures on the cabinets and walls stand out and give a rustic mood to this space.


Added value to all projects

By generating architectural, MEP and structural models, we can generate views of each system and analyze it in depth so that there are no errors in manufacturing or in the calculation of materials.

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