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Bathroom remodeling trends for 2020

Remodeling is a big deal, it's also the perfect excuse to have a crazy moment of creativity. We all know it can be challenging to make these big decisions when creating a perfect space, but in this blog we are here to give you some very helpful ideas. We will inspire you and motivate you to remodel your bathroom with confidence!


Luxe lighting 

Bathrooms are an important room in the house where people spend most of their time, anything in it will easily have some influence in their mood. Therefore, it is essential to have proper lighting, because not only will it create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, but also will highlight every item in it. In order to create a relaxing and chilly vibe in the bathroom, use an integrated lighting system in mirrors, cabinets or even in the ceiling from general illumination to ambient lighting. 

TIPS: Led lights are a good option, these are very convenient because they are energy-saving and have a minimal appearance, giving you a more clean-lined and modern finish. 

Natural power of Wood 

Wood is back, and it’s easy to combine with different shades and any trend you love. Depending on your style, wood trends can bring brightness to a space or even add a touch of intimacy. Moreover, wooden accessories can fuse very well with vintage, industrial, classic and traditional styles.


Say yes to brass finishes


This trend might make you think of your grandmother but adding brass finishes will add value to the bathroom, making it feel glamorous and luxurious. Despite knowing that some accessories of other materials may have a lower cost, brass fixtures are very versatile and durable making them the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for something that will last for years. 


White, why not? 

White bathrooms are a classic choice, they tend to make the space feel relaxing, fresher and bigger than it actually is. 

There are many ways to design a bathroom with an extensive variety of materials. Using textures or applying different shades of whites will help keep the space from looking plain. Don’t be afraid of getting creative, you can always break up the all-white with these textures, shades and other artsy accessories to give it that unique presence. 

To break up the all-white space you can always choose to add your choice of: 

  1. Eye catching mirror 

  2. Unique shower walls tiles

  3. Your favorite type of countertop 

  4. Brass fixtures 

  5. Wood vanity 

  6. Mosaic accent wall



The opinions expressed here on this blog are personal and belong solely to the bloggers. Any content provided by our bloggers or authors are of their opinion and suggestions that are based on research and are not intended to malign any organization, company or any individual.

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